Italy Light Pollution

I live in Rome, about 20 km from the center of this big city, here light pollution is dramatic and the visual magnitude of the stars is about at 4, for this reason years ago I leave film astroimaging. But with the coming of the high sensibility and large format CCD combined with new technique of imaging reduction my interest grow again and strongly! With my 10" sct now I can reach a magnitude 20 star in some minutes and take deep sky pictures that years ago were a dream to me.

Italy light pollution situation   (ISTIL)



    Field Equipment used:    

Starworks Ritchey-Chrétien 12" f/8

Sbig STL11000 Large format ccd

Sbig ST10XME kaf-3200xme class 2 ccd         

Sbig CFW-10 Motorized filters wheel   

Sbig CFW-8 Motorized filters wheel 

Sbig AOL Large format adaptive optics unit

Sbig AO-7 Adaptive optics unit

Takahashi FSQ 106N f/5

Canon EOS 50D (Hutech Enhanced)

Canon EOS 5D (Modified by me)

Starworks Cooling Box CBMK1 (for Canon)

Sky-Watcher EQ-6 Pro with EQ-Mod

Robofocus Focuser motor unit

Starlight Lodestar Autoguider

My telescope while I'm taking a series of pictures under the Autumn sky. Meade 10" f10, Losmandy G11, Sbig ST7E, AO-7.


The weather station


Me and my friend Alessio Pisani in his   observatory in 1991.


My first telescope, a Newton 114 FL 1000 with Nikon F2. (sold) 
The second, a Vixen 150 f/5 on a Super Polaris mount. (sold)
Meade LX 6 10" f/10 SCT with the CATCOM. (sold)