Messier 33

  Pinwheel Galaxy, NGC 598

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Sc spiral galaxy
Constellation Triangulum
Coordinates RA:01h 33m 52s  D:+30 39' 29"
Magnitude 5,5
Size 69x42 arc min


Optics Takahashi FSQ 106N & BRC f/5
Mount EQ-6 & GM 2000
Camera Cooled Canon 50-DH at -3 C (external temperature 11 C)
Exposure 15x20 minutes, 800 ISO (FSQ), 18x20 minutes, 800 ISO (BRC)
Notes Mixed FL image FSQ&BRC, acquired from Canino (VT)


Where is this object in the night sky? Below a sky chart of the location (from Stellarium 8.0 planetarium).