Heart Nebula

Mel 15, IC 1805, IC 1795

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Cluster with nebula
Constellation Cassiopeia
Coordinates RA:02h 32m 36s  D:+61 27' 00"
Magnitude 6,6
Size 21x21 arc min


Optics Takahashi FSQ-106N f/5
Mount Eq6-Pro
Camera Cooled Canon 50-DH at 0 C (external temperature 16 C)
Exposure 16x18 minutes, 800 ISO
Notes Here you can find my elaboration of Melotte 15 with data aquired by Jim Misti with his OGS 32" RC and STL11000 at the Misti Mountain Observatory.



Where is this object in the night sky? Below a sky chart of the location (from Stellarium 8.0 planetarium).