NGC 7000 and IC 5070 Mosaic

North America and Pelican Nebulas, Caldwell 20, LBN 373, NGC 6997, IC 5067

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Nebula with cluster (NGC 6997)
Constellation Cygnus
Coordinates RA:20h 56m 39s  D:+44 37' 38"
Magnitude 4,0
Size 120x120 arc min


Optics Takahashi FSQ-106N f/5
Mount Eq6-Pro
Camera Cooled Canon 50-DH at 5 C (external temperature 25 C) with StarworksTeam Cooling Box MK1
Exposure 13x15 minutes, 800 ISO each frame (two frames mosaic)
Notes Image acquired from Canino (VT)


Where is this object in the night sky? Below a sky chart of the location (from Stellarium 8.0 planetarium).